Sheryl Eaglewoman, is a Herbalist, Natural Health Consultant, Medical Intuitive, and Spiritual Healer with many years of experience.  Her gift of being able to “read” a person from a photo or hair sample is truly amazing! Also, having practiced Midwifery for nearly a decade, Eaglewoman brings to her students and clients a great knowledge of natural health remedies, birthing wisdom, intuitive information, and wonderful spiritual insight.  Sheryl also educates on Quantum Living, a term she uses to give an awareness of the connectedness of all things.

Working in the Wise Woman Tradition, a member of the Bear Tribe, and a Kriya Yoga Initiate, Sheryl shows us that nourishing the mind, body and spirit can take one far in their goal of health.  Her Biofield Readings are proof of the Body - Mind connection and a realization of her God Given Gift. 

Sheryl has appeared on various television and radio programs. She is a freelance writer, published in newspapers and magazines. She is currently offering one title, The Day I Met Jesus.