Biofield Readings (Intuitive Energy Readings)

Biofield readings are a GREAT way to inform oneself about ones' health. Information gleaned will provide insight into ones' physical, emotional and spiritual state of being. Not only will clients be given information regarding their current state of health, they will also be given a remedy profile of what can be done to ease or better their situation.

"Biofield Readings" are
readings of ones electrical body. Sheryl's gift is akin to having eyes in the palm of her hands. To Sheryl it is similar to how a blind person reads Braille.  The client need not be present as she is able to work from a small hair sample or a current photograph.

Sheryl, being blessed with such a wonderful gift, would like to offer Biofield Readings to others through this great medium, the Internet.

For your offering you will receive a energy profile and a remedy profile.

If you are interested in a Biofield Reading:

E-mail Sheryl at
Cost is a minimum offering of $250.00

For an additional $125.00, you can receive a bonus 30-day follow up at half price!