Healing Testimonials

The following testimonials are from clients who have achieved better health through working with Sheryl or from associates who have seen the results of her work.



Sheryl Eaglewoman is a personality that understands nature and its needs. From animal to vegetable, her ability in assisting people with the simple teachings that assist in not only getting rid of the communications of dis-ease, but also in getting health back as well. Her consciousness is being used to assist in the shift that nature and all of life is now starting to go thru in order for rebalancing to occur. 
Dean Martens, CH
President & Founder
Herbs of Light, Inc.




Sheryl is a very gifted healer.  I have been doing bio-field sessions with Sheryl for 7 years now.  She has an amazing gift and it only keeps getting better and stronger.   Not only does she have the book knowledge, years of experience and keen intuitive gifts she gives the same care and respect to every client she sees.


Nicole Andrews
Dallas, TX




I have known Sheryl Eaglewoman both personally and professionally for over 15 years and have been constantly impressed by both her knowledge of holistic modalities, and the intuitive accuracy of her readings. Her in depth knowledge of herbs, homeopathy, flower essences and healing is complemented by her wisdom and down to earth approach towards healing and good health.


Dr. Anna Maria Gardner MA Vet. MB, Holistic Veterinarian.




Sheryl Eaglewoman is an awesome asset to the community here in Western Montana. Her ability to communicate and make difficult concepts easy to understand is incredible. Certainly one of the best medical intuitives I have ever known.


Andre' Floyd 

Flathead Valley, MT




I have known Sheryl Eaglewoman for some time now, on a personal as well as a professional basis.  I have been duly impressed with the extensive scientific research that catalyzes her intuitive exercise as well as her intuitive abilities alone.  The healing work Sheryl performed for me personally proved successful within weeks of receiving it.  I have been a medicinal plants specialist and student of intuitive arts for many years, rarely coming in contact with someone as clear and efficient as Sheryl.  I approve and recommend her work to anyone.


Kaerlek Janislampi

Environmental Consultant





About a year ago, I read Sheryl's book (loving it-I might add).  Then thru a friend, I had the opportunity to meet her.  She has a gift, truly God given.  Very humble, gentle, giving and wise.  Sheryl and I exchanged "services".  She with her gift, me with mine.


As a licensed massage therapist, with 15 years in the medical field,  it was wonderful to receive such a blessing.  Constantly exposed to many talented doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths, body workers, healers, herbalists, surgeons, nurses etc.  Although few are as knowledgeable and truth oriented/seeking as Sheryl.  For me, the information that Sheryl was able to relay was confirmation of much of what I had been told by neurologists and rheumatologists thru the years, but never with detail or answers, never with any positive result.  Only many years of more medications that did nothing but "band aid" things over.  Never a solution or cure.  Sheryl was able to deliver, from God's mouth to her hand.  I was given a list of things to eat and not to eat, supplements to correct my issues and at 46, I feel better than I can remember, look better than I have in 13 years and my pain is no longer.  All of her "talent" aside, she is an amazing woman.  Add  her sensitivity, learned knowledge and her gift combined.  Sheryl truly shines!  You will not regret working with her. 



Lisa Morrow, LMT

Kalispell, MT



I met Sheryl through a friend; it was 1990.  She was the new coordinator at a Healing Center and had invited a group of us for the day. I remember Sheryl giving us a talk about herbs and what she does, as we all sat in a circle.  She told us one story about Echinacea and how it drew snake venom from deep within her arm, out of a bite she had received in her hand, and probably saved her life.  Then she asked if anyone would like a Bio-field reading.  I was amazed at this technique I witnessed.  She put her hands just over and near areas of the body of each volunteer, not touching them in any way.  After, she asked "are you having pain here, or here?"  One after the other, each of the (about 5) individuals she did, said "yes! I am". On every occasion, she was correct.  We were all amazed, and...she truly had never met or talked to any one of these individuals before.  Then she went on to recommend the herbal and homeopathic remedies they could do to heal themselves.

I have remained in awe of the depth of her talent of Bio-field reading and her knowledge on herbs and other natural remedies to this day!


Karen Grace O'Leary

Dallas, TX




In march of this year,  Sheryl Eaglewoman took a hair sample from me and came out with an "energy profile"  that indicated that I had a problem with my ocular nerve.  I have had glaucoma for the past few years but Sheryl was unprompted by me regarding this.  I took the nutrients and Homeopathics that Sheryl had recommended.   Last month (September) I had my eyes reevaluated by my eye doctor and found that my ocular pressures were at a normal level.  This is significant in that even with ocular medications I wasn't able to keep the pressures under control.  Thank you Sheryl.


 Byron Randall

Kalispell,  MT.




I have known Sheryl Eaglewoman for over two decades on a personal and professional level. I have always found her to be a very straightforward person, amiable and a good listener. Distance prohibited a face-to-face consultation with her, but through a reading done from a photograph she was able to give me a full (and very timely!) profile and health plan. She has been both supportive and practical and her knowledge of healing and homeopathy is very rare and intuitive. Thank you Sheryl, for improving my health and quality of life!

Katie Jensen
New York, NY